For us a very important thing is drawing on traditionand choosing good and proven raw materials!

Cukry Nyskie is a company with Polish identity and over 70 years of tradition. We are on the market to produce the highest quality varied cookies, wafers and biscuits. We exist so that Poles can buy Polish products from good, proven raw materials and well-known recipes – IT’S GOOD, BECAUSE IT’S POLISH.

Thanks to the passion of employees, experience and many years of work, we want to develop our products in line with market trends.

Our goal is to
produce “healthy” products
and ambitiously participate in the fight
for the protection of environment.

Company history

The history of Spółdzielnia Pracy Cukry Nyskie began over 70 years ago, when on 5 February 1949 a decision was made to establish Spółdzielnia Pracy Cukry Nyskie by several members. The company’s seat was at Aleja Wojska Polskiego 53.

Due to the dynamic development and increasing demand for Cukry Nyskie products, the entire production was moved to the plant at Aleja Wojska Polskiego 9 and it is still there today.

W 1957 roku rozpoczyna się rozbudowa hali produkcyjnej w której do dziś wypiekane są znane i lubiane ciastka naszych klientów

In 1957, the extension of the production hall began, in which the well-known and our customers’ favourite biscuits are baked to this day.

Our company today

Spółdzielnia Pracy Cukry Nyskie is continuously developing its activities in Poland and abroad. Thanks to the BRC certificate that we have, we give our customers assurance of the highest quality of the products.

We try to meet
the expectations of our customers;
therefore, we persevere in expanding
our product offer.