Cukry Nyskie - Polish producer of cookies for generations

Over 70 years of traditions

Our customers say that Nysa cookies melt in the mouth – and indeed – we confirm! In addition, they are full of sweetness, crunchiness and a variety of flavors. Yes! We know how to bake cookies.

The art of confectionery that we practice is a tradition that dates back to 1949. And although the world moves very fast, the taste of our products is still as delicious. This is because we carefully select the products for baking them. We also carefully select suppliers and raw materials.

We share with our customers not only our passion for baking, but also the place where we produce them. And there is another – yes! We are local patriots and our capital is 100% Polish.

Subtle wafers, classic butter biscuits, wafers with chocolate-coated nuts, cereal biscuits – or maybe apple pie flavor…? Hmmm… What do you say?

Would you like to munch with us?

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And that's how it all started

The history of the Cukry Nyskie Labor Cooperative began on February 5, 1949. It was then that a decision was made to establish the Cukry Nyskie Labor Cooperative by its several members. The company’s headquarters was located at Aleja Wojska Polskiego 53. After some time, due to the dynamic development and increasing demand for our products, the entire production was moved to the plant at Aleja Wojska Polskiego 9. It is there to this day and constantly bakes cookies from Nysa.

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Kilka słów o nowościach Deserro (i nie tylko) od Prezesa Cukrów Nyskich Andrzeja Chomyszczaka w Radiu Nysa Hot👇 ... Zobacz więcejZobacz mniej
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5 dni temu

I kto słyszał wywiad Prezesa Cukrów Nyskich Andrzeja Chomyszczaka? ☺️ Powtórka po godzinie 16ej😃🎙 GOŚCIEM DNIA RADIO HOT Nysa po godz. 12.00 będzie Andrzej Chomyszczak, prezes CUKRY NYSKIE.Powtórka po godz. 16.00.🔥🔥🔥 Słuchajcie nas w Internecie - ... Zobacz więcejZobacz mniej
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