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We invite you to the world of sweets, where each product is an expression of our passion for creating unforgettable flavors. Discover traditional biscuits that will take you back in time, stuffed variations that will surprise your taste buds, marquises layered with cream that will pamper your palate, and crispy wafers, perfect for any time of the day. Allow yourself a moment of pleasure and immerse yourself in the wealth of flavors that we have prepared especially for you. Let every day become sweeter thanks to our products!


Our biscuit collection is a wide selection of cookies that will satisfy every gourmet. From simple and traditional to those with toppings, icings and fillings, our biscuits are perfect for any occasion. Enjoy them on your own as a quick snack or share them with your loved ones over a cup of your favorite coffee or tea.

Seria produktów - herbatniki
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Zbiór Markiz

Our Markizy are a real paradise for gourmets. We offer a unique selection of cookies layered with sweet filling, which delight with a variety of fillings and a wealth of flavors. Enjoy refined flavor combinations that have been created to provide unforgettable experiences during every moment of relaxation or social gathering.

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Our crispy wafers are available in a variety of flavors that you can choose according to your taste. We’ve got everything you need to create the simple, perfect snack. Get ready for a sweet adventure and immerse yourself in the world of flavors that will pamper your senses!

Zbiór Wafli i Wafelków
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Seria produktów Mieszanki

Our Mixes are a real feast for the palate! In one package you will find various types of cookies, carefully selected from our extensive catalog. Crispy waffles, crispy biscuits, delicious markizy – all these flavors are available in one package! Perfect for family gatherings, office breaks or as a sweet surprise for your loved ones.

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Seasonal Cookies

We also have unique cookies that will put you in the holiday spirit. You can choose from flavors full of spices that will warm up any winter afternoon or light and spring flavors, perfect for sharing with your family during Easter breakfast. Each cookie was created with tradition and modernity in mind to provide unforgettable taste experiences on these special days.

Seria ciastek sezonowych
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