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Our creamy sandwiches – marquises – are a real paradise for gourmets. We offer a unique selection of cookies layered with sweet filling, which delight with a variety of fillings and a wealth of flavors. Enjoy refined flavor combinations that have been created to provide unforgettable experiences during every moment of relaxation or social gathering.

Markizy Creamy Sandwiches Deserro

Discover sweet pleasure with our Deserro Marquises – unique sandwiches that combine shortcrust biscuits with velvety cream. Each sandwich consists of two perfectly baked biscuits, combined with a rich cream in classic milk, chocolate, nut and halva flavors. We introduce freshness and a fruity explosion with our new summer flavors – lemon, blueberry and strawberry. These summer variations are the perfect way to refresh yourself on hot days. Regardless of the season, awnings are an excellent choice. Whether as a sweet snack during the day or an elegant addition to coffee – our cream sandwiches always delight with their taste. We invite you to enjoy our Deserro Marquises which will provide you with an unforgettable taste experience!

Seria Markiz Deserro
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Markizy Blacky

Seria Markiz Blacky

We invite you to the world of Marquise Blacky, where traditional biscuits meet modern, surprising flavors. Our sandwiches consist of two crispy biscuits connected with a velvety cream, creating an unforgettable combination of textures and flavors. For lovers of tradition, we have a milk-flavored cream whose delicacy and creamy consistency will take you to sweet childhood memories. Revive your senses with an orange-flavored cream that will add energy to every day with its freshness and lightness. Be surprised by the unusual taste of bubble gum, which will take you to the world of carefree fun and sweet pleasure. Blacky awnings are a perfect choice for a dessert, a snack or as a sweet element during meetings with friends. Their unique flavors will make them remembered by all guests. Join the group of gourmets and allow yourself a moment of sweet relaxation in every bite!

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Markizy Melfoi Duo-Flo

We invite you to discover Marquis Melfoi Duo-Flo – sandwiches that combine classic flavors with modern design. Two crunchy biscuits, combined with a unique cream with milk, cocoa, nut and halva flavors, create a perfect harmony for the palate. Each sandwich is a combination of delicate cream and intense flavor, which together create an unforgettable taste experience. Choose your favorite flavor or try each to discover the full pleasure. Melfoi Duo-Flo awnings are presented in modern packaging that not only attracts the eye, but also protects the freshness of the products. Experience a unique combination of taste and style with Melfoi Duo-Flo Marquises – sandwiches that will satisfy even the most demanding gourmets!

Seria Markiz Melfoi
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