75th anniversary – this is how we celebrated!

75 years have passed like one day!

On February 5, 2024, we organized a ceremonial conference in the Nowa Baśń Banquet Hall in Nysa. We invited about 250 guests, including current employees and retirees of Cukiery Nyskie, the Mayor of Nysa, the Daughter of the Cooperative’s Founder – Joanna Monasterska, friendly companies and distributors, and many other people important to us. The meeting agenda included guest statements, a delicious dinner, a champagne toast, the premiere of a short video about the history of Cukiery Nyskie and a performance by the band An Dreo e Karina, which made the conference participants dance. There were emotions, memories, memorable archival shots and a film that briefly presented the history of the plant since 1949.

Cukry Nyskie is not just a company – it is a symbol of tradition, quality and involvement of the local community

From the very beginning, our mission was not only to produce high-quality products, but also to develop the local economy and support the community from which it originates. For many years we have been sponsoring the Stal Nysa team, Beach Volley, and supporting schools, kindergartens, local fire brigades and police.

Personalized cups, statuettes, flowers and diplomas – we appreciated our employees, retirees and distributors

We awarded special thanks and unique gifts to:
– people working in Cukier Nyskie for over 30 years,
– retirees who spent a large part of their lives in our Cooperative
– the most important distributors thanks to whom we can actively operate on the Polish market, including: P.H. D-C Dariusz Dulian, KFD Krzysztof, AGRA OPOLE, MAR-POL, GK SPECJAŁ, MPT PIK, Grocery Wholesaler R-R, BOMAZ, BERG-HURT

The following spoke: the current President of the Cooperative – Andrzej Chomyszczak, the Mayor of Nysa – Kordian Kolbiarz and the daughter of the founder of Cukiery Nyskie, Mrs. Joanna Monasterska, who remembers her father, Mr. Józef Monasterski:
“He was a man who had a vision and managed to make it come true. It all started in a small basement in the family home at Powstańców Śląskich Street. It was there that the first awnings were created. I am glad that my father’s company has survived to this day. He and Rudolf Łomozik cared very much about people, especially women.

We hosted many important people at the Conference, but we would especially like to thank the Management Board and the Employees of Cukierów Nyskie – thanks to you, we can continue to develop, bake and delight more and more places around the world with our products.

We wish our Cooperative and Employees many more good years!

We would especially like to thank the following for their cooperation in organizing the conference:

and all involved employees of Cukiery Nyskie. Thank you for celebrating our holiday together!


author: Spec. Marketing Emilia Job

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