Blacky Cream Sandwiches bubblegum flavour 67g

Product categories: Markizy Cream Sandwiches, Blacky Cream Sandwiches,
Product tags: "Blacky" dough, Bubble gum, Layered with mass,

Each Blacky sandwich consists of two cookies with an intense cocoa flavor, which attract attention with their dark color. The cookies are extremely crisp and delicate, and their deep cocoa flavor contrasts perfectly with the cream that connects them. The heart of each sandwich is a bubble gum-flavored cream. Its velvety texture and nostalgic taste take us straight to the carefree days of childhood. Their elegant appearance and unique taste make them perfect for any occasion – whether for a quick dessert after dinner, for special events or as a treat for those with a sweet tooth who are interested in unusual flavors.

Price: 2.99 zł GROSS

Net weight/piece [g]67
Net weigh/box [kg]0.804
Pieces per box12
Number of boxes per pallet/layer320/20
Period min. durability12 months
EAN Code5901228012422
Technical data-

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Warning! Due to the delicacy of the product, there is a risk that the cookies may crumble during transport, and during high temperatures there is a risk that the chocolate in the product may melt.


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